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Simplifying your life has never been…well, simpler…than it is now. Take advantage of Christine Rose’s 20 years in the project management & business analysis world by learning how to apply those same principles to bettering your work and personal life!


Change your FRAME, change your LIFE

From real life, timely current event scenarios that help you see you're never alone no matter what you're experiencing, to expanding your ability to turn people, places and things from stressors to opportunities regardless the situation, Change Your Frame, Change Your Life is a frank discussion with someone who's been teaching people how to do this in and out of the workplace for more than two decades.



How to start any project the right way from the moment it's handed to you.


How to navigate the most crtically important part of managing any project: planning it.


How to effectively perform what 90% of a project manager's job is: communication!


How to handle it when changes want to derail you, your project and your success.

Executing and Closing

How to complete your project and close it out successfully without missing a beat.

Scaling It Down

How to still be successful when you have to manage projects on a smaller scale.


Review What You Do

In 'Book 1: Review What You Do,' Christine takes you through the first step of her homegrown REPAIR methodology by helping you identify what is broken in your life, what the pain point truly is, what's at the root of it, and where your responsibility for what's happening fits in. Only by breaking down the whole into individual bits, and tackling those one at a time, can you REPAIR whatever it is in your life that needs fixing...and this book is your Start Line.

Evaluate What Is and Isn't Working

In Book 2 of Christine P. Rose MPM’s self-help book series “Get Ahead of Your Time” – aka GAYT – she helps you take a fresh look at what you outlined in the first book. ‘Evaluate What Is & Isn’t Working” is meant to get you to take that long, hard look at what the true underlying cause of your current Overwhelm is, and Christine pulls no punches taking you down what may be a path you’re not so keen on traveling.

Propose a Solution

In Book 3 of Christine P. Rose MPM’s self-help book series “Get Ahead of Your Time” – aka GAYT – you will learn methods for figuring out the best overall solution to the problems you identified needing to solve in Book 2. "Propose a Solution" digs into the undeniable fact that we all have a choice in every single circumstance we encounter, even if that choice is as basic as deciding how you're going to feel about something.

Act, Inspect and Reassess

In this fourth and final book of the "Get Ahead of Your Time" series, Christine P. Rose MPM walks you through the final three steps of her homegrown REPAIR methodology, which she uses for both process improvement and in this series as a way to dig yourself out of your POO (Pit Of Overwhelm).

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Author spotlight

Christine Rose has been managing projects, programs and portfolios in one form or another for nearly twenty years. She has a Master of Science degree in Project Management from Colorado Technical University and a Bachelor of Science in Business Management from the now-defunct Long Island University Southampton Campus. Christine is the mother of two (human) children and an author of two fiction book series published under pen names (Takers by Chris Davis and Morph by Amanda J. Banner).

Christine P. Rose MPM CAPM


“I have worked with Christine on multiple noncredit courses offered through Outreach College Professional Programs. Christine is not only a great person to work with, she is a very knowledgeable, passionate, and energetic instructor who knows how to engage course participants in both online and in-person course formats. Her teaching content is very timely and applicable to not only project managers, but business professionals in general.”

Sandra von Doetinchem

Program Specialist, Professional Programs
Outreach College
University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa

“As the Director of Retail and Marketing, I worked with Christine for a store opening. She was thrown into the project almost midway. There were multiple facets to this project as not only a brick and mortar store but a highly secure store and a strict list of rules and laws determining opening on time. She caught up to speed amazingly fast and with accuracy. She managed the crew, made sure everything was delivered on time and always communicated if something might not make it, with options. Her wrap up presentation was incredibly detailed to which even the CEO was highly impressed. I would definitely work with her again and highly recommend her.”

Emily Carl Tom

Director of Retail Operations & Marketing at Noa Botanicals


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